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Horse Racing Handicapping

10 usd

When it comes to handicapping horse races, there are numerous systems, expert picks and a virtually unlimited amount of data to be analyzed, so how do you make sense of it all? By using this app and a standard racing form, we help you clear through the clutter. Simply enter in a few key data points from your racing form and we’ll help you analyze the field of horses on a mathematical level, making it easier for you to spot the good and weak picks, allowing you to make a more informed decision.Developed over the course of a racing season by three handicappers, this app goes beyond expert picks and betting systems. Instead, we take a mathematical approach based on recent speed ratings, recent finish history (data found in a standard racing form) and combine it with the current odds to give you statistical analysis of the field. We can even incorporate what the experts are choosing or your own methods for picking hoses into our analysis. You can even pre-load data from your racing form so all you have to do is enter the current odds before making your bet.
Note: This app is designed to be used at any legal horse racing establishment and requires a standard horse racing form. This app does not feature online betting.